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2125 GSokoban games -1 GSokoban ¤ÔGood~!!! 2000-02-13 09:32:46 0
52354 truco4gnu games 34799 Re: omg ¡Gracias a vos por haberlo probado! 2009-09-01 20:50:45 52346
31445 Darwinia games -1 Re: Darwinia €29.99 = $29.99 ?? thats a bit strange 2005-11-10 13:46:56 31438
26169 Nazcadreams games -1 what's the license ~ $ cat nazcadreams <br><br> cd data<br> ./fxi ndreams<br> clear<br> echo Nazcadreams 1.01a<br> echo -----------------<br> echo by Pablo Cervantes -<br> echo Developed with Fenix -<br> echo<br><br> ~ $ cd data/<br><br> data $ ./fxi <br> ./fxi: /usr/lib/ no version information available (required by ./fxi)<br> FXI 0.84 Mar 30 2004 01:17:03<br> Copyright(C) 2002 Fenix Team<br> Copyright (C)1999 Jose Luis Cebrian<br> Fenix comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; see COPYING for details<br> <br> Usage: ./fxi [options] file.dcb<br> <br> -f 16bpp Filter ON (only 16bpp color mode)<br> This program is free software dsitributed under.<br> <br> GNU General Public License published by Free Software Foundation.<br> Permission granted to distribute and/or modify as stated in the license<br> agreement (GNU GPL version 2 or later).<br> See COPYING for license details.<br><br> data $ 2005-04-11 06:04:22 0
37745 Bible Dave games -1 crashes {'lang': 'English', 'bpp': '16', 'sounds': '1', 'gamma': '1.0', 'fullScreen': '1'} {'chapter': '1', 'difficulty': '1', 'bibles': '0', 'fallLesson': 'False', 'level': '1'} loading the fallLesson variable Loaded level gamelevel1_1 Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 219, in ? main() File "", line 169, in main runGame(gameVariables) File "", line 101, in runGame endState = File "/blz/bibledave_v0.6.6/", line 686, in run self.hud.paint(self.screen) File "/blz/bibledave_v0.6.6/", line 164, in paint base.drawTextColored (surface, 24, draw_text, (w/8, (h-h/4) + (line_num - min) * 30), (self.drawTextColor, self.drawTextColor, self.drawTextColor)) File "/blz/bibledave_v0.6.6/", line 275, in drawTextColored orig = font.render(message, 0, fontcolor) pygame.error: SDL_ttf render failed 2006-08-08 18:06:44 0
12129 FreeCraft games -1 Re: E-Mail Campaign ``Template'' emails are worthless. If you're really that fussed about it take the time to compose your own email. That's much more effective. 2003-06-21 16:31:21 12105
39168 6868 news -1 Re: 6868 `should check their system or switch to a better platform' That's the stupidest thing everyone has said, ever. 2006-09-29 04:36:50 39164
22820 PPRacer games 6885 Re: Looked forward to playing, but can't `sdl-config --cflags` 2004-12-07 10:04:09 22293
48704 Brutalo Deluxe 2 games 15034 Re: No source `Guts not to release the source'? No, you must be kidding. Why do you think people release source code? Keeping the source close hurts both the software and it's users, and is really unwise thing unless there's a _good_ reason not to opensource. For non-commercial software, there most possibly can be no such reason at all. For example, `people will laugh at my code' is definitely not a reason, because no such thing exist. 2008-03-16 19:18:44 48689
16328 Windstille games -1 Woo _VERY_ impressive for a tech demo! I especially liked the "Extras" movie kinda' thing (and it reminded me of Homeworld). 2004-01-14 22:07:31 0