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48 Battalion games 133 Battalion This game was fun for approximately 27 seconds. The page for this game hypes it a ridiculous amount, but it's incredibly lame. 1998-11-13 11:50:17 0
49 BZFlag games 133 BZFlag Download this game. It's a blast to play, especially in CTF mode with all the bonus flags and teleporters. The only two public servers listed are always empty, so you might want to force a few of your friends to download it as well. Definitely worth a look. 1998-11-13 11:47:43 0
50 Abuse games 37 Abuse Very cool, especially if you're tired of all those first-person games that are a dime a dozen these days. Play it. 1998-11-12 15:46:49 0
117 Maelstrom games 128 Maelstrom Really fun game. The network play and optional sound packages make it a riot to play after or during work. 1998-11-12 14:53:19 0
124 Craft games 112 Craft Although this game is very good, it takes a lot of memory to compile and the binary distribution gives an 11MB executable (some of us only have 24MB in total). A little smaller would be nice and the 100s or 1000s of pixmaps seem a bit of a waste as well. Not that I could do better... 1998-11-11 16:33:32 0
125 LinCity games 112 LinCity This is a great game and it soaks up a great deal of my time. It's well thought out and I was very disappointed when I learnt that no more major releases will be developed. I can't get to the end but I'm still trying! 1998-11-11 16:37:26 0
126 Terroid games 112 Terroid This game is very slick and professional but is an old style of game and I found it almost entirely uninteresting. Just my opinion though, you may think differently. 1998-11-11 16:41:33 0
127 BZFlag games 113 BZFlag Considering it's free for Linux, this game was very nicely written. Its graphics, though simple, are awesome in GL. The only problem is that there usually aren't many people on the servers. When there are people on the servers, the game is awesome. 1998-11-11 19:49:44 0
128 Doom games 114 Doom DOOM still rocks. You can talk about hardware acceleration, better graphics, and quakec all you want, I still say the gameplay in DOOM is superior. Really now, is there anyone out there that doesn't get a lump in their throat and feel their pulse quicken whenever they hear the music to E1M1 start? 1998-11-11 20:22:22 0
129 Gravity Wars games 115 Gravity Wars 1998-11-11 20:27:30 0