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XMemory Helmut Hoenig www Description 3.7 A multiplayer memory game XMemory is a concentration (memory) game with a multiplayer mode for X11. You can play in realtime against multiple human opponents over a LAN; it's mildly amusing for about fifteen minutes. The newest version has support for color bitmaps on the cards. strategy free img on on off off on on 1998-09-01 bobz 1998-11-02 22:47:11 14 www 2001-01-07 22:11:33 off
Mr. Is Nathan Sidwell www Download Xmris source 4.04 An X11 version of "Mr. Do", where you try to collect all the cherries. This is an X11 version of the "Mr. Do" arcade game: collect all the cherries on the board while avoiding the bad guys. You have a bouncy ball which you can throw at the enemies to kill them, and dropping apples crushes all the baddies underneath (gravity is great). The animation is smooth and the graphics are colorful. The game itself is well done, but the idea is showing its age. arcade free img on on off off off off 1998-09-01 bobz 1998-11-02 17:02:13 14 www 2001-03-26 22:54:31 off
Thrust Peter Ekberg www LSM Entry 0.89f A lunar-lander-ish console game where you try to carry a heavy object. Interesting, maybe, to people looking for old C64 games which they cannot live without. Thrust is a 320x200 GGI/svgalib/X game sort of like the classic Lunar Lander-style game only the object is to pick up some heavy object from the bottom of the screen, while dodging what look like shooting chairs and the canyon floor. arcade free img on on on off off off 1998-09-01 4 1998-11-02 18:36:55 14 2006-01-31 05:12:33 on
RbVBA TheGreenKnight www www Screenshots 0.3.2 A REALbasic Gameboy ROM Interface for use with VisualBoyAdvance. <p>RbVBA is an interface to your Gameboy ROM collection for use with the VisualBoyAdvance emulator. It allows the display of screenshots taken with VisualBoyAdvance and additionally box art (covers) that you can download from the Internet. It also comes with a save state Trainer for the creation and application of cheat codes for the gba, gbc and gb.</p> util free img on on off off off off 2006-01-31 4 2006-01-31 23:42:30 9744 www <ul> <li>Linux x86 <li>GTK2.0+ <li>VisualBoyAdvance </ul> 2010-05-30 21:03:53 off
XJewel David Cooper www Download XJewel binary www LSM Entry 1.0 A Tetris-like with falling jewels. Reminiscent of Columns for the Macintosh. XJewel is a falling-pieces game like Tetris, only jewels are removed from the board if three or more of the same jewel lie in a straight line. Interesting cascade-like effects can be achieved when the removal of jewels causes another set of jewels to line up, and so on. The original Columns game wasted far too much of my time; this is fairly comparable, lacking mainly digitized sounds. arcade free img on on off off off off 1998-09-01 bobz 1998-11-02 22:41:00 14 www 2001-01-07 22:11:33 off
VGA Tetris Adam P. Jenkins www www Download VGA Tetris binary 0.4 Tetris for Linux console. Tetris for Linux console. It's much better looking than Tetris for Terminals. The commands work like Nintendo Tetris, not the original Tetris (hold down space to drop a piece quickly, let go and it drops at the normal rate). This is just the standard tetris-like game, with no special pieces or features. Overall, a well-done game---the interface is pretty, and I didn't encounter any bugs. arcade free on off on off off off 1998-09-01 bobz 1998-11-02 18:39:20 14 www 2001-01-07 22:11:33 off
Rocks 'n' Diamonds Holger Schemel Artsoft Entertainment www www Rocks'n'Diamonds official forum www README file A very good Boulderdash type game with high quality graphics and stereo sound. <p>Rocks 'n' Diamonds is a Boulderd*sh game for X11 with more than just the falling rocks and diamonds of its namesake. The object is still to collect all the diamonds (and emeralds), then get to the exit before time runs out. But your character must make use of bombs, spaceships, and many other elements in order to fill his quota of jewels. It is very customizable: users can create their own graphics, sounds and elements, so that modpacks can be created which create an entirely different flavour of the same game. This was written by the same person who wrote <a href="/show?mirrormagic%20ii">MirrorMagic</a>, and the graphics are of high quality, as are the musical soundtrack and sound effects. arcade free img on on off off on on 1998-09-01 3 1998-09-01 00:00:00 14 www www More Rocks'n'Diamonds screenshots <li><a href="">SDL</a> (for SDL version; not required for X11 version) 2010-08-23 17:00:57 on
Angband Andrew Sidwell www www Angband forums www 32x32 graphics for X11 and Windows 3.0.9b A graphical character-based RPG along the lines of Rogue and NetHack. <p>Angband is a free, single-player dungeon exploration game where you take the role of an adventurer, exploring a deep dungeon, fighting monsters, and acquiring the best weaponry you can, in preparation for a final battle with Morgoth, the Lord of Darkness. rpg free img on on on off off off 1998-09-01 3 1998-11-03 12:33:14 14 www -- Frontends -- <ul> <li>Curses <li>GTK 2.x <li>X11 <li>SDL </ul> 2008-08-12 22:30:56 on
Doom id Software www www The Linux Doom FAQ The Doom Source Code 1.9 The classic 3d kill-fest. Run around and kill the bad guys, or beat up your friends in a DeathMatch. This runs under Linux console or in X. action shareware 25USD on on on off on on 1998-09-01 bobz 1998-11-02 16:03:16 14 www www PRDoom, an enhanced Doom based on the Doom source 2001-01-13 23:58:19 on
Maelstrom Andrew Welch Ambrosia Software www www Download precompiled binaries 3.0.6 A top notch Asteroids game with multiplayer support. A port of the really cool Maelstrom game for the Mac. Runs in 640x480 on either the Linux console or X11. The latest version supports a multiplayer deathmatch mode. arcade free img on on on off on on 1998-09-01 bobz 1998-11-02 00:00:00 14 www <UL> <LI> <A HREF="">SDL</A> <LI> <A HREF="">SDL_net</A> </UL 2003-02-28 19:18:03 on