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yetris Alexandre Dantas www Project Page Github 1.0 A Tetris(tm) clone on terminal. yetris is Tetris(tm) on the console. It has colors and highscore, along with many features found on modern Tetris(tm) implementations. It's made with C and runs on (most) Linux terminals. Some of it's features: * Colored textual interface - playable on the console. * Hold and up to 5 next pieces. * Combo and back-to-back sequences * Scoring system compliant to the (conjectured) Tetris(tm) Guideline. For now it attempts to be as close as any modern Tetris(tm) game as possible. It lacks some expected features but it's on active development. Also, the source code is clean and commented, allowing much better understanding and easing feature-implementation. rpg free img on off on off off off 2013-02-13 36617 ncurses off
Aleona's Tales Kyran Jackson Stratagus Forums www A RTS built with the Stratagus using free resources. Aleona's Tales is a free Wargus-compatible real-time strategy game built using the Stratagus engine. Currently is possible to play against the computer, as well as other Aleona's Tales and Wargus players. strategy free img on on off on on on 2012-10-09 36819 on
OpenZone Davorin U&#269;akar www www NaCl version for Google Chrome/Chromium. 0.3.1 Simple cross-platform FPS/RTS game engine. OpenZone is a simple open-source FPS/RTS game engine that is still under development. It aims to be capable of running games similar to Battlezone but with much improved functionality on both FPS and RPG levels. It runs on Linux, Windows and Native Client (inside Google Chrome/Chromium browser). This version of the engine comes with sample game data including a tutorial, a test world and one playable mission. action free img on on off on off off 2012-07-30 36068 on
Booster Logic Strongbox Entertainment www 1.2.0a Booster Logic is a pair of 2D platform and puzzle games Booster Logic is a pair of 2D games designed with the intent to recapture classic gameplay. Booster and Logic each star in their own game, a side-view platformer and top-view puzzler respectively. Both games have responsive, straightforward controls, and with over 1000 levels to play, you'll be glad of that fact. The action game, Booster, also sports an eight player cooperative mode where friends can play over the LAN or internet. puzzle commercial $19.95 img off on off off on on 2012-06-30 29868 www None. on
M64Py Milan Nikolic www www source tarball www deb 0.1.0 A frontend for Mupen64Plus M64Py is a Qt4 front-end (GUI) for Mupen64Plus 2.0, a cross-platform plugin-based Nintendo 64 emulator. Front-end is written in Python and it provides a user-friendly interface over Mupen64Plus shared library. emulator free img on on off on off off 2012-06-23 33205 www rpm on
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NXEngine rogueeve www v1.0.0.4 Open-source clone of Doukutsu Monogatari / Cave Story A complete open-source clone/rewrite of the masterpiece jump-and-run platformer Doukutsu Monogatari (also known as Cave Story). Includes features like: Bug fixes to original game Remapping input keys Cheats Debug console Great performance FLOSS action free img on on off off off off 2012-06-14 19067 www * Cave Story with Aeon Genesis English translation. Cave Story Deluxe will do nicely. * SDL * SDL_ttf * (to run the SIFEdit sprite-properties editor) wxWidgets. SIFEdit is a little sucky under Windows, I suggest you run it under GTK instead. * (to compile source under Windows) MinGW/MSYS on
Runestone Defense David Blood MagiGames www Tower defense in HTML5 Defend the kingdom from the evil undead hordes with the power of the magic runestones. Plan your strategy and place your towers carefully. An upgrade at the right time can mean the difference between victory and defeat. The kingdom's only hope for survival rests on your shoulders. Runestone Defense is a tower defense style game you play in your web browser for free. It has full documentation and is written in HTML5. It can be played entirely with the mouse, but keyboard shortcuts are provided for those that prefer them. Play at strategy free img on on off on off off 2012-06-14 5018 Browser that supports HTML5 - latest Chrome / Firefox, etc... on
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E.S.P. Hadouken Frank DeMarco www www E.S.P. Hadouken Home Page www Pygame project page 0.1 Guide the dot through the void to get your Game Boy back. <p>To retrieve your Game Boy from 5 thieving drawings, navigate a volatile dot through 5 barrages of deadly voids. <p>The primary goal is to survive each drawing's attack by avoiding the black areas and reaching the goal. A secondary goal is to beat each level as quickly as possible and add your name to the record times list. <p>The game is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs license, which means you can copy and distribute it freely, as long as it isn't used for commercial purposes. arcade free img on on off off off off 2012-05-29 4 2012-05-29 12:58:32 37180 www Python pygame 0000-00-00 00:00:00 on