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YS Flight Realism Soji Yamakawa, ed.: Galen Thurber YSFlightsimHQ YS Flight Realism pack A mod for YS Flight Linux that increases basic realism for flight models and sounds. simulation free off on on on on on 2008-08-14 11160 www Your 3D working in linux :) on
Pokémon Global ZombieBear, Ilentcape, others 0.5 (Beta 5) Open source 2d pokemon mmorpg Pokemon Global is a free open source Pokemon mmorpg, which reflects the style of the gameboy and ds series. It is programmed in Java, and uses OpenGL for graphics. The server is based on Mina (Apache) rpg free on off off on on off 2009-01-15 34198 www Java 1.5 or higher OpenGL capable hardware and drivers on
Star.P.G. Paul Wortmann www Windows build. www Linux Build. 1.0 Side scrolling space shooter. Arcade style, Side scrolling space shooter. Multitude of features and variety, including 25 unique levels. Battle your way through hordes of enemies who increase in difficulty, and kill the seven big bosses! You'll be able to customize your starship with various weapons, shields and thrusters! And don't forget to save your game! arcade free img on off off on off off 2012-01-12 14706 www www Source. on
DECISION demo hozacre softbit multimedia 35 adventre game simulation of true story Adventure game situated in Birmingham. It takes strategy and skill to survive day to day. You have to use tactics to handle the situations you are placed in. There are people to help or others to stay away from. You use keyboard input to decide from a menu of actions how to perform the right action in the quest. simulation commercial £15 img off off off off off off 2009-07-24 34762 windows vista, xp, me, nt, 2000 direct X 9 on
day of the tentacle 2 tram day of the tentacle 2 The adventure game of all adventure games is back, because 'Day of the Tentacle' enters the ring a second time! TRAM (The Retro Adventure Makers) have made it their goal to create this game as real fan-adventure which is not for commercial purposes. The story begins when the predecessor 'Day of the Tentacle' (short: DOTT) ended: Purple Tentacle is back and once again tries to take over the world. Dr. Fred calls our Pseudo-Heroes for help. If they can stop purple tentacle and save the world, they will do it with your help, there again, the world's destiny lies in your hand. Control the characters just like in the good old 2D-Adventure-Times using the Mouse and a SCUMM-like interface. You'll encounter a load of puzzles and gags and not only will you meet friends but also guests that'd usually stir up trouble in other games. All fans can be sure of new sceneries and characters. With Dott2 we hope to create a grand sequel to DOTT. under development free free img off on off off off off 2008-03-26 32993 on
Cryptozookeeper Robb Sherwin Jolt Country www Download link for the Linux Interpreter Hugor. www Internet Archive page for Cryptozookeeper. 1.04 A graphical text adventure about the pseudoscience of cryptozoology. Cryptozookeeper is a graphical text adventure for Linux. Over five years in the making by one programmer, it is licensed via Creative Commons and features over 60 cryptids to make and train, 200 characters to encounter total, 12 hours of gameplay and a soundtrack of over 70 songs. In the game, the player is tasked with solving adventure game puzzles in order to collect DNA to make cryptids -- which can then be trained and leveled-up via animal fighting to defeat his enemies. A character-driven piece that is a blend of sci-fi and comedy, it is one of the best advances in graphical interactive fiction in years, and a fine successor to the Infocom and Magnetic Scrolls tradition. Requires the free interpreter "Hugor" to run in Linux. text adv free img off on off off off off 2011-08-02 36346 www on
Escape The Toilet: A Triple Flush Vladimir Podobaev, Pyotr Kosykh 1.0 An escape-the-room puzzle A pack of three games: Escape The Toilet: Classic Escape The Toilet 2: Madness Hardened Escape The Toilet III: The Ceramic Challenge One man, one toilet, one exit! puzzle free img on on off off off off 2011-04-01 36075 on
Aleona's Tales Kyran Jackson Stratagus Forums www A RTS built with the Stratagus using free resources. Aleona's Tales is a free Wargus-compatible real-time strategy game built using the Stratagus engine. Currently is possible to play against the computer, as well as other Aleona's Tales and Wargus players. strategy free img on on off on on on 2012-10-09 36819 on
Snoopy Devin Smittle none PPA of a wine build with patches for Warcraft III hosting 2.2.1 A Warcraft III Hosting Utility Snoopy is a cli Warcraft III hosting utility written in c under GPL license--later, I will add more front ends. Current Major Features: *Host or Client **Ping of others (works best if your host) **IPs of others *Host Only **Autorefresher **Kicking (requires tcpkill from package dsniff, automatically installed if you're using the debian package) util free img off on on off off off 2008-08-16 33669 www off
Om@r Hard Mission Omar Ali Mokhtar Om@r www Windows Version www Screen Shots 1 Beta 1 The Mission Takes from 30 Mins To One Hour To Be Complete !! This is a 3D Game that Consists of Several Missions (there is only One Mission in this Version). Each Mission Takes A long Time to be complete. the First Mission is searching for a certain device in a complex maze. there is an analog pointer at the right side of the screen. when it is near the ZERO reading then the place you must go to is near. there is also a radar image on the other side. action free img off off off off off off 2009-08-11 27621 www www Blog In the Linux Edition You Must Install These Dependencies: libglut3-dev libglut glutg3 off