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Xmame Lawrence Gold et., al. www www The Official Mame Homepage 0.106 An arcade game emulator with support for over 2000 games. <p>From the Mame FAQ: <p> "Mame is a arcade machine emulator. Started in 1997, by Nicola Salmoria, mame started out as a series of emulators for individual games. This series of emulators was combined into a multiple game emulator format. This is the current form of mame, no longer a one man show, there are over 100 contributors to the project." <p> This is a very, very cool program. ROMs are kind of hard to find at the moment, though, because apparently The Man is cracking down on sites who distribute them. As if Dig Dug still has value outside a nostalgia application like this one. <p> Mame also supports Glide and OpenGL rendering, and experimental networked multiplayer. <p> Unfortunately, arcade ROM images are a legal gray area, and therefore difficult to find. However, they are out there if you look hard enough. mia unknown img on on on on on on 1998-11-15 bobz 1998-11-15 23:50:13 2 www 2006-02-27 23:58:31 on
Anton maarten de boer - www www FLTK library homepage 0.1 An arithmetical game Anton is an arithmetical game. Combine 6 random numbers with basic operators (+,-,*,/) to come to a 3 digit target number. It has a graphical user interface written with the fltk library, and the program solves the problem itself too, to present the best solution.,br> -----<br> both URLs time out..dead? mia unknown img on on off off off off 1999-01-27 bobz 1999-01-27 11:37:08 443 <a href="">libfltk </a>for compilation, binary is statically linked 2001-03-24 22:41:51 off
Bomberman MAC WING Michel www 1.0 A Bomberman clone written in Java Bomberman is a multi-player network game written in Java. action unknown on on off off on on 2000-08-09 bobz 2000-08-09 23:51:08 -1 www JRE 1.1 ( 2000-08-16 17:23:41 off
Fire and Darkness David Scherer, et. al Singularity Software www Game Tome interview with Dave Scherer Non-playable demo of an upcoming 3D-accelerated real time strategy game. Fire & Darkness is an upcoming 3D real time strategy game for the Linux and Windows platforms. This very very pretty demo, while non-playable, shows off the Fire and Darkness engine's capabilities, such as volumetric fog, and transparent reflective water. mia unknown img off on off on off off 1999-02-23 bobz 1999-02-23 14:39:36 2 A 3Dfx card<br> 3Dfx's <a href="">Glide</a> library 1999-11-01 18:26:05 on
ICBM3D/2 Bill Kendrick New Breed Software www New Breed Software www Mesa (OpenGL-alike) Alpha 1 A 3D "Missile Command"-style game using OpenGL. Nuclear missiles (ICBM's) are dropping on your city and it's your duty to destroy them. <p> Mouse or keyboard control. Sound and music available. arcade unknown img on on off on off off 1999-03-24 bobz 1999-03-24 15:30:55 679 www Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) <ul> <li>OpenGL (or an OpenGL-alike like Mesa)</li> <li>SDL</li> <li>SDL_mixer (optional)</li> </ul> 2000-06-10 20:50:47 on
Raider's Saga Phoenix Kokido www Walking Test Console style RPG for Linux/Win32's Raider's Saga is a RPG inspired by many many Japanese console RPG's I've played over the years. Japanese RPG's differ from from more traditional ones in the way that they focus more on moving along their stories than on game mechanics. Raider's Saga follows the life of a boy named Alex and his quest to free his world from the tyranny of a corrupt king and more. mia unknown img off on off off off off 1999-04-20 bobz 1999-04-20 12:05:53 866 SDL 1999-04-20 00:00:00 off
SpaceThing Shaun Dodimead Big Chicken Software www pre alpha 3D Combat game SpaceThing is a 3D space combat game designed to run under Linux and Irix. <p> Spacething is intended to be a Internet space life simulator, for Linux, and IRIX. Set in the future, as players, you will be able to fly between star systems, and planets, trade cheese in remote stations, and destroy enemy clans in a single bound! <p> The homepage is no longer there. Project is apparently abandoned. mia unknown img on on off on on on 1999-04-27 bobz 1999-04-27 20:03:29 1173 www Glut, OpenGL, Mesa or SGI box. 1999-06-13 00:09:03 on
Half Life dedicated server Valve Software www www Fileplanet mirror 3109c A dedicated Linux server for Half-Life This is a server-only version of Half-Life for Linux. It includes support for Team Fortress 1.5.<p> <b>Warning:</b> un-tar'ing this archive will create files in your current directory, rather than a subdirectory as with most tar files. util unknown off off on off on on 1999-05-12 bobz 1999-05-12 11:21:17 2 2001-07-15 12:17:03 off
LAGII XoXus www www LAGII FAQ www LAAGII README 0.1.5 Linux AGI Interpreter. An interpreter for many early Sierra adventure games. What It Can Do: <ul> <li>Run several AGI games (see the FAQ, below) <li>You can walk around the game world and type stuff <li>Optionally decompile the LOGIC resource on the fly <li>Optionally dump a whole lot of AGI information (dictionary, inventory) </ul> emulator unknown on on on off off off 1999-05-16 bobz 1999-05-16 23:51:02 2 www 1999-05-30 17:57:22 off
Kingpin dedicated server Interplay www Kingpin homepage unknown A dedicated server for the Windows game Kingpin This is a server-only port of the 3D-shooter game Kingpin. Says Fyan Feltrin, of Xatrix Entertainment: <blockquote> The Linux Kingpin dedicated server is now available. <p> This is considered a BETA release, although it may not be marked as such, we have only tested it for about 16 hours on a half-dozen servers. <p>There are currently two packages available. <p>Dedicated server PACK. This includes all maps and player models required to run a dedicated server only. (10.5mb) <p>Intel386 Linux glibc 2.0.7 binaries.(0.5mb) <p>Make sure to read the kp_linux_readme.txt for installation and usage notes. <p>Please report any bugs to me asap. I'm new to Linux development, so be as informative as possible with any reports. </blockquote> mia unknown off off on off off on 1999-07-07 bobz 1999-07-07 10:54:49 2 www 1999-07-20 15:32:27 off