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E.S.P. Hadouken Frank DeMarco www www E.S.P. Hadouken Home Page www Pygame project page 0.1 Guide the dot through the void to get your Game Boy back. <p>To retrieve your Game Boy from 5 thieving drawings, navigate a volatile dot through 5 barrages of deadly voids. <p>The primary goal is to survive each drawing's attack by avoiding the black areas and reaching the goal. A secondary goal is to beat each level as quickly as possible and add your name to the record times list. <p>The game is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs license, which means you can copy and distribute it freely, as long as it isn't used for commercial purposes. arcade free img on on off off off off 2012-05-29 4 2012-05-29 12:58:32 37180 www Python pygame 0000-00-00 00:00:00 on
Stick Knights Online Midnite optimuspi www www IRC Chat Donate 1.0.4 Stick People Online Video Game <p>Stick Knights Online is a free Online Role Playing Game (orpg) where you are a stick figure battling against your enemies. Chat, fight, explore, and use cool items with friends (or enemies!) in this epic quest adventure! rpg free img off on off off on on 2012-05-08 4 2012-05-11 17:17:31 37103 www requirements in DEPENDENCIES file. Requires: SDL SDL_image SDL_net SDL_mixer 2012-05-19 14:10:56 on
Cube Trains David D. Roberts www Github Cube Trains www Video of the gamplay. 0.2.0 A puzzle game in 3D... with trains! <p>From the website: "Solve routing puzzles in a dense city with Cube Trains. You start off as a young urban planner trying to connect a city's fragmented rail lines together, and work your way up to become an old urban planner trying to connect a city's fragmented rail lines together! Over the course of your career, you'll build towering structures, beautiful bridges, and some truly convoluted infrastructure." <p>The game was made with the Frogatto engine. puzzle free img on on off on off off 2012-05-07 4 2012-05-08 16:10:04 37093 You must compile the game yourself at the moment, as I can't figure out how .deb and .rpm work for the life of me. :( 0000-00-00 00:00:00 off
BTMappack lpbbear 1.06 Community Mappack for Legends <p>This is the community mappack for "Legends" ( The mappack is a compilation of well over 100 maps created by various Legends community members for use with the game "Legends". Having the mappack in place prior to joining a Legends server can help to avoid the download wait times players might experience. util free img off off off off off off 2012-04-27 4 2012-05-14 16:07:43 37026 www 0000-00-00 00:00:00 off
Arx Libertatis www www FAQ www Galley 1.0.1 Cross-platform port of Arx Fatalis, a first-person role-playing game <p>Arx Libertatis is a cross-platform, open source port of Arx Fatalis, a 2002 first-person role-playing game developed by Arkane Studios. <p>Arx Fatalis features crafting, melee and ranged combat, as well as a unique casting system where the player draws runes in real time to effect the desired spell. <p>The Arx Libertatis source code is based on the publicly released Arx Fatalis sources and available under the GPL 3+ license. This does however not include the game data, so you need to obtain a copy of the original Arx Fatalis or it's demo to play Arx Libertatis. rpg unknown $5-6 for the original game (data needed) img on on off on off off 2012-04-19 4 2012-05-18 13:57:15 37024 www www Wiki Requires the data files from the original game. 2012-05-28 03:34:05 on
Unvanquished Unvanquished Development www www Forum link 0.3.5 Humans against aliens in a futuristic setting, blending FPS and RTS elements. <p>Unvanquished is a fast-paced, futuristic FPS with RTS elements, pitting technologically advanced humans against hordes of highly adaptable aliens. The player can choose from either team, providing a fresh gameplay experience on both sides of the conflict. <p>The game is under highly active development, with a new alpha release being made at the beginning of each month. action free img on on off on on on 2012-04-13 4 2012-04-14 06:17:31 37000 www 2012-05-02 15:16:56 on
TANK@WAR Trigger Happy Studio Trigger Happy Studio www www IndieDB Page 1.2 multiplayer 3D online game dedicated to armoured warfare <p>TANK@WAR is a solo and team-based multiplayer 3D online game dedicated to armoured warfare set in the modern age.<br /> Throw yourself into epic tank battles shoulder to shoulder with other tank commanders to dominate the world with tank supremacy! <p>The tank workshop offers a wide choice of tank parts to customize the tank to your needs. Whether you prefer a fast and manoeuvrable tank, punch deep into enemy lines with all-purpose tank or use the power of heavy weapons to annihilate opposing forces. <p>Play the game with your friends in Team Deathmatch mode or solo your way to domination in Deathmatch mode. action shareware img off on off on on on 2012-02-22 4 2012-05-20 16:24:27 36915 www 0000-00-00 00:00:00 on
Digital Paintball 2.0 www Alpha b35 FPS paintball mod With the engine of q2. Very small size, and still, very good features. It is intend to copy the real life game of paintball. Best of all, works in windows and linux. Active development. action free img off on off on on on 2012-02-14 36881 www on
Maze! Borinot Games Borinot Games Fast run through randomly generated labyrinths A fast game featuring random labyrinths. Gameplay: - Start - Move through the labyrinths without touching the walls - Get all the Checkpoints to open the exit - Reach the goal! Every game will generate a different maze to play. 6 speed levels: Boring to Insane arcade free off on off off off off 2012-02-11 36869 www on
OpenMW OpenMW Team www 0.15.0 Open source reimplementation of the The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind engine. <p>OpenMW is an attempt to reimplement 2002's popular role-playing game Morrowind. It aims to be a fully playable, open source implementation of the game. You must own Morrowind to use OpenMW. <p>To give you a better idea of what this project is about, here are some of the aims for the future of OpenMW: <ul> <li>Be a full featured reimplementation of Morrowind. <li>Run natively on Windows, Linux and MacOS X. <li>Support all existing content, including Tribunal, Bloodmoon and all user created mods. <li>Allow much greater modability: change game rules, create new spell effects, etc through scripting. <li>Fix system design bugs, like the “dirty” GMST entries in mods, and the savegame “doubling” problem. <li>Improve the interface and journal system. <li>(Possibly) Improve game mechanics, physics, combat and AI. <li>(Possibly) Support multiplayer at some point. <li>(Possibly) Improve graphics to use more modern hardware. </ul> <p>It’s an ambitious list, and there’s a lot left to do before these goals can become reality. If you know C++ we could use your help in making the game a reality. <p>OpenMW is released under the GNU General Public License version 3, and all source code has been written completely from scratch. It also builds on various other open source tools, most notably OGRE for graphics, and Bullet for collision (and possibly physics). rpg free img on on on on off off 2012-02-19 4 2012-02-20 16:21:45 36860 www You must own a copy of Morrowind for its game data. This can be purchased on Steam. 2012-05-29 15:34:20 on