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0 A.D. Wildfire Games Wildfire Games www www 0 A.D. SVN www Getting Started Alpha 9 0 A.D. is a free, real-time strategy game <p>0 A.D. is a free, real-time strategy game currently under development by Wildfire Games. It's cross-platform, 3D and historically-based. The game's code available as GPL and the art content available as CC-BY-SA. People are encouraged to reuse and learn from and improve our work. strategy free img on on off on on on 2009-07-13 4 2011-07-22 15:16:52 30829 www 2012-04-19 12:25:34 on
0verkill Petr Kulhavy www 0.16 A bloody action 2D deathmatch game in ASCII art. 0verkill is a client-server 2D deathmatch game in ASCII art. It supports free connecting/disconnecting during the game, runs well also on modem lines. Graphics are in 16-color ASCII art with elaborate hero animations including gushing blood and rolling guts. action free img on on on off on on 2000-09-03 bobz 2000-09-03 12:30:57 -1 www 2002-12-20 11:31:06 on
1941 DX Dual Players HunoPPC Evolution4 www 2.0.0 DEMO Adaptation of the game Arcade 1941 on SDL <p>Adaptation of the game Arcade 1941. New SDL core engine. Automatic update of the game and its dependencies with an internet connection. Full support 2 joysticks, 2 players mode, new effects, new sounds, new graphics, new enemies. Type of game: Shoot them up -Network support for score online in the future arcade shareware 1,70 euros img off on on off on off 2011-08-11 4 2011-10-18 12:33:32 36367 www minimal requirement: 256 MO Pentium 3 at 800 mhz No 3D support is full 2D engine dependance Lib installation: libSDL_mixer libSDL libSDL_gfx libSDL_net libpng libjpeg lib ssl libmikmod libogg 0000-00-00 00:00:00 on
20,000 Light Years Into Space Jack Whitham Biscuit Games www www More about the game 1.3a "Steampunk"-themed single-player RTS <p>"20,000 Light Years Into Space" is a single-player real-time strategy game with a "Steampunk" sci-fi theme. <p>In this game, you have to build and maintain a steam distribution network on an alien planet, while under attack from aliens and other hazards. The game has three difficulty levels, an interactive tutorial, and a scoring system. <p>"20,000 Light Years Into Space" gained second place in the Pyweek March 2006 Individual Entries category. Since the competition, the game has been improved in a variety of ways. strategy free img on on off off off off 2006-04-17 4 2006-04-18 11:05:59 26755 www Requires Python 2.4 and Pygame 1.7. 2009-06-28 14:12:10 on
2H4U : Too Hard For You Pierre-Yves Ricau & Pierre Lagouge I4GOT MY BRAIN www 1.3 A mix between a Tetris Game and a Wall Breaker Game. <p>2H4U, which stands for Too Hard For You, is an open source game, and a mix between a Tetris-like game and a Wall Breaker. It requires good reflexes, coordination, and ambidexters should have some advantages. Will 2H4U be too hard for you ? <p>Based on SDL library.<br> Compile and run on Linux and Windows.<br> Being ported to Mac OS.<br> Available in English and French, and also with AZERTY and QWERTY keybords. arcade free img on on off off off off 2006-07-31 4 2006-08-01 04:19:34 28561 www Linux: SDL library installed. 2008-05-22 19:51:37 on
2Pong kirsh www 1.0.1a A pong clone with 2 balls. <p>2Pong is a pong clone. However, there is one visible difference from the regular pong--it is played with two balls instead of one.</p> arcade free img on on off off on on 2003-07-01 3 2003-07-02 13:46:57 8222 www <ul> <li>SDL <li>SDL_mixer <li>SDL_Net <li>libxml2 </ul> 2005-05-11 08:20:39 on
3D Labyrinth Miroslav Olšák labyrinth with all three dimensions <p>You have to go through a cube with automatically generated labyrinth tree. Start and goal are marked by green / blue color and they are in oposite corners. puzzle free img on on on on off off 2011-08-25 4 2011-08-30 21:03:21 36406 www Glut, glpng 0000-00-00 00:00:00 off
3D Pong Bill Kendrick New Breed Software www 0.5 1- or 2-player "Pong," in 3D space, for X11. Bounce the virtual ball between a friend on another X terminal or against a computer opponent. Or, play a twisted game of handball. Different viewing modes are available, including mouse controlled "freeview" mode as well as a "3d glasses" mode for a true 3D experience. Simple vector graphics and /dev/audio sound. arcade free img on on off off on on 1999-06-05 bobz 1999-06-06 15:42:44 679 2004-04-29 08:16:47 on
3dgo Lukas Biewald www 3d arcade version of ancient Chinese game "Go". This game expands the ancient Chinese board game Go into three dimensions using a tetrahedral structure that preserves some of the important topological features of normal Go. Instead of taking turns players shoot the stones into the rotating lattice against a computer opponent. Uses openGL heavily, and works much better with a fast graphics card. Network play supported. puzzle free img on on off on on on 2003-06-08 2 2003-06-09 09:03:28 -1 www Fast 3D graphics card strongly reccomended. 0000-00-00 00:00:00 on
4Gewinnt David Weisgerber www 1.0 Internet / LAN enabled clone of Get 4 This is a clone of the well-known game 'Get 4' or '4 Gewinnt'. You can play it via Internet and LAN and it has a built-in chat function. It also makes demos from every match you play which can be watched afterwards. This game is available for Linux and Windows. mia free img on on off off on on 2002-08-25 3 2002-08-25 16:18:20 -1 www Qt-Lib 2002-08-25 17:31:19 off