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12 242 1998-12-01 03:01:20 <em>Category:</em> puzzle<br> Tetrinet for Linux is a Linux version of the popular Windows multiplayer Tetris game. It should work on all systems having the ncurses library installed. This version runs in textmode only and requires a 50-line display. Both Tetrinet server and client functionality have been implemented. Tetrinet 0.6 new
13 243 1998-12-01 03:02:47 <em>Category:</em> util<br> FROTZ is an interpreter for all Infocom games. It complies with standard 1.0 for all games except V6 (graphical) games. (Versions before 2.32 comply with standard 0.2) It was written by Stefan Jokisch in 1995-96, and has been ported to MS-DOS, OS/2, Windows 95/NT, the Amiga, Unix, and the Apple IIgs. Frotz 2.32 new
14 2 1998-12-01 13:24:19 <em>Category:</em> action<br> <em>Avg. Rating:</em> <img src="" alt="*"><img src="" alt="*"><img src="" alt="*"><img src="" alt="*"><p> A great 3D Hockey game<p> <b>Summary of update:</b> <UL> <LI>Added ice sprays when players stop abruptly. Kind of cool looking, but I'm open to suggestions (as with everything) as to how to make them look better.</LI> <LI>Messed with the models a little and fixed the holes in the right armpits</LI> <LI>Started talking to <A href="">Rich Reybok</A> about hooking up the players to a mySQL database... </UL> mHockey 0.48 updated
15 2 1998-12-01 13:26:47 <em>Category:</em> Game-related Utility<br> Kali is a commercial internet gaming service that allows you to play IPX multiplayer games over the internet. Gtkali is a Linux client for Kali based on the GTK+ widget set. Gtkali 0.1.1 new
16 2 1998-12-01 13:40:51 You may have noticed that new additions to the database are now announced with a green-headed news item, and some updates are announced with a yellow-headed news item.<br> I can't decide if I like this or not. It seems a little redundant considering the <b>Recent additions</b> and <b>Recent updates</b> lists are right here on the same page, but I thought I'd give it a try. The update announcements allow you to see what has changed, anyway.<br> If you've got an opinion about this, or anything else, for that matter, <a href="">let me know</a>. Hundreds of you have registered for Game Tome accounts, but only 4 (that's right. Four.) of you have given me any feedback. I can make the Game Tome better if you tell me what you want. Do you like the changes? default
17 2 1998-12-01 15:12:07 <em>Category:</em> Game-related Utility<br> This is a GTK-based tool for configuring your 3Dfx voodoo or voodoo2 accelerator card. GlideControl manipulates the values of various environment variables that the Glide library pays attention to. If a fancy GUI interface to routine shell commands is up your alley, give GlideControl a shot. Glide Control 0.1 new
18 250 1998-12-01 17:18:36 <em>Category:</em> Role Playing<br> <em>Avg. Rating:</em> <img src="" alt="*"><img src="" alt="*"><img src="" alt="*"><img src="" alt="*"><img src="" alt="*"><p> A multiplayer roguelike game.<p> Crossfire 0.95.1 has been released. This version is mainly bugfixes - if you are running 0.95.0, you really should upgrade to 0.95.1. If you are running a 0.94.3 (last version to have X11 support in the server), the upgrade could be more in doubt. However, some major improvements in reliability have been made since 0.95.0, so if you were using that as a basis not to upgrade, it may no longer be quite as good a measurement. CrossFire 0.95.1 updated
19 2 1998-12-02 18:25:27 <em>Category:</em> Action<br> <em>Avg. Rating:</em> <img src="" alt="*"><img src="" alt="*"><img src="" alt="*"><img src="" alt="*"><img src="" alt="*"><p> Quake 2, the greatest 3-D multiplayer violence ever conceived by humans.<p> Thus spake <a href="">Christian Antkow</a>:<br> <blockquote>This is, for all intents and purposes, the last official release of Quake II.<p> Nothing has changed from the 3.20 beta. It was deemed stable, and was mastered on Extremeties.</blockquote> <p> <a href="">Updated game libarary source</a> has been made available too. Quake 2 3.20 Released updated
20 2 1998-12-03 16:37:35 Effective immediately, the Game Tome's new address is <a href=""><b></b></a>. The old address will probably continue to work as long as I'm hosted by the friendly folks at <a href=""></a>, but you should update your links and bookmarks to <a href=""></a>, as this will always be the correct address. The Game Tome gets a new domain name default
21 233 1998-12-03 20:57:07 <em>Category:</em> Arcade<br> Boulder Dash is the clone of the old game from eight bit microcomputers (such as ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, Atari 800). The game was written for Linux and uses either svgalib or X11R5/R6, but it can be compiled on a real Unix (Solaris, OSF, etc.) as well. The graphics are identical with the one on Spectrum or C64. A level editor is also provided. This version has 300 levels from the original game and there can be more than 2000 levels. Boulder Dash 1.0-b6 new