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53625 SpringLobby games 35596 ~/.spring 8.8GB You need a fast connection. The game itself actually doesn't need much bandwidth, but the content is really big and depending on the mod it may update very often. For example just one map is ~5MB-20MB in size. That's the reason I can't really play it any longer - because of my now slow connection. 2010-07-17 13:08:13 0
8942 3449 news 5795 {:-) Ah, they are going to interview the guy with the interesting haircut. I can't wait to see our dearly beloved interviewer to judge his hardo and potential boots... ;-) 2003-02-18 14:11:44 0
48730 Battle for Wesnoth games -1 ^_^ Pretty much still the best TBS game I've played. All we need to do is get the rest of the art on par with the sprites (consistency-wise) and yeah...;) --Thrawn 2008-03-18 17:20:41 0
25738 Graal Online games -1 ^^ Hello 2005-03-21 02:03:14 0
50423 Cedega (WineX) games 33836 ÖRGÖRG Cedega. Too obvious. Muahaha... Cedega is making it TOO easy to see that the only thing they are developing is nothing but compiling the work of the wine team into their code. Dudes. That sucks. Look. Wine has been eagerly working on Spore support since the last release, and just now, a few days after a out-of-the-box running spore has been announced by wine, the Cedega spongos Throw out a 6.1 with the only "real" change in the log: Spore now Supported. Bullsh*t. No. Uhm.. wait. Ah. Still Bullsh*t. Well whatever.. Support Wine or Codeweavers. They do the work, and share it with all of us. w00t 2008-09-27 23:06:57 0
43933 Penumbra: Overture Episode 1 games 12247 ]:) >}:) 2007-05-22 06:57:22 0
30111 Soviet Unterzögersdorf games 11062 \m/ Slayer! \m/ A unique adventure game, that it uses photos instead of drawn pixmaps or rendered 3D. I like it. It's also quite funny as well. I ended up dying trying to hack the keypad :( But I had fun playing with Radio Free to change the background music. The song "Christianity is Stupid" or something like that is kinda catchy. <p>Haven't gone too far in it, but I'm not sure what kind of interesting adventures the game has. I spent some time "Picking up the trash in the memory of past comrades.." or something or another. Not to say that the game is bad, its not. <p>Also, its got SLAYER graphitti and a Pantera CD somewhere in it! **Goes off to listen to Reign in Blood...** 2005-09-10 01:04:27 0
50822 HHexen games 28671 [SOLVED] Problems with music+input prob. For those who want a solution:<br> I've downloaded Richard Sanders's GUS patches from here: , and used a part of the timidity.cfg from inside the archive to add them to my /etc/timidity++/timidity.cfg. Relevant parts are the following: <br> <br> dir path_where_you_extracted_the_patches<br> source gravis.cfg<br> source gsdrums.cfg<br> source gssfx.cfg<br> source xgmap2.cfg<br> <br> You should also comment the soundfont in your timidity.cfg entry to supress syntax errors<br> <br> The other problem is that I've initlally set jump to space, and then I changed my mind once I realised that I couldn't open doors. After setting jump on Alt, I couldn't open doors anymore. Looks like there's no config option for setting doors opening, is there? All I could do now was deleting my ~/.hhexen. 2008-12-14 14:41:55 50821
34205 Tenes Empanadas Graciela games 22412 [Pun on the word Risk] T.E.G isn't Risk. It's Very Much Like Risk, but it isn't Risk. If you can deal with that, it's a lot of fun. A few trivial annoyances with the interface, but a solid, simple Risk-a-like. AI players are about as good as your Mum though. 2006-03-16 01:04:28 0
51963 PlaneShift games 34666 [PLANESHIFT] GM abuse HELLO ALL I am currently a player on the game PlaneShift but i have some comments that were apparently not acceptable on the forums. Today i was in the dylo pit, for some of you who arent familiar it is an open "player vs player" pit where you can be attacked by anyone at anytime...but there are npc's in that pit as well called dylo. I fell into that pit and as i tried to escape the dylo followed me into another room, there were other players in this room who saw it come in (no one died) and they took care of it because these other players were stronger than me. My husband thought this was a funny idea and started having the dylo chase him around...another player thought he was doing it as a personal attack to them so they petitioned him for it > this is only the beginning! My husband was then summoned by at least 4 GM's and developers saying that they were all watching i dont no about you but if you were a GM would you all just so happen to be watching one specific character? at that exact moment? Then they said that over the past few days he had 6 reports against him but we didnt see a single one or hear of a single one...then they got on the topic of how he was kill stealing, this is what made me very upset...ive had 5 GM'S tell me that kill stealing is impossible without the help of a cheat or hack of some kind...which my husband was not using...then the GM'S turned around and said that he WAS kill stealing even after they said it was impossible? They let my husband ramble on and on about how he hadnt done anything..mind you the dylo misshap wasnt even in a rule anywhere...there is no rule that says you cant move an npc...and if they think it was a type of harassment which we said it wasnt they still refused to believe him or even for the most part listen to anything he was saying I wish i truly do that he could have saved the logs i would love to show you all...i dont remember all that was said but as this was going on i was talking to one of the GM'S also, i told him he knew that kill stealing was impossible and asked him why he was going along with this whole ordeal...but all he replied with was a smiley face. i told him never to speak to me again as he was no help and he lied to the both of us and then he told me to have a good day, again i told him do not speak to me and he had the nerve to say that he was just replying to my question!!! i told him again not to speak to me and that his smiley fae wasnt even an answer to the questions i had asked him and guess what he told me...HE TOLD ME I WAS HARASSING HIM AND FOR ME NOT TO SPEAK TO HIM!! Then we moved onto the forums to seek justice and vioce our opinions this is what my husband had to say (only a small portion) Hello all, We all know the GM team is corrupt and whatever they says goes no matter what the rules say. But today is enough i say. Today i was banned for kill stealing. Which mind you multiple GM's including Rizin and Tazen have told me is impossible without hacks wich i did not have and they check my inventory too. Now for the other reason i was banned FOR 30 DAYS, harassment. Apparently if you get enough of your guild memebers in a petition saying someone is harassing you you will get banned even if you only ever had a problem with one of their guild members wich was my case. and thirdly bad behavior wich intailed me saying the word jerk ONCE, And apparently bullyin a new player wich they knew was a complete mis understanding i accidently killed someone and told them sorry and i am being punished for it. Despite my best efforts to change these two corrupt dev and GM couple want me off the game even though i have been helping out 56 people allll new mind you progress in the game and all of them will tell you i am deffinetly not the man these corupt leaders portray me as. But unfortunitly what can i do. do to past mistakes i am marked as scum or unwanted person in the world of planeshift. Now i ask you if i was so bad and such a horrible person why is it that a guild the warriors thats been around for 3 YEARS not have a problem with me, And why is it if im such a horrible person of the community who gets supposedly soooo many Get are not allowed to post ANYTHING about a GM...nothing what so ever...SO okay thats fine...but then i tried to start a topic about freedom of speach and wouldnt you no it....i wasnt allowed to do that either...even though it was regarding the PLANESHIFT game To be honest the GM'S arent following thier own rules, they wouldnt show him any proof of his actions either...they banned me from thier chat site for questions and they kept kicking me out when i was waiting for my answeres...i never said a single rude thing..But the GM i was speaking to i told him that if my husband was such a bad person then why does he have a guild of 56 players who are very loyal to him...and the GM'S response was "the Natzis were very loyal to hitler to and look what became of them" I personaly took offense to that, then my husband asked them to seek out the truth and the GM'S response was "yes im going to talk to your guild rather then make myself dinner" i mean if you want respect GM'S give a little respect to the players...You couldnt even prove that my husband even did anything wrong so there shouldnt be a ban in the first place...and if there was 6 complaints to begin with and they were all so terrible as you say they were then why was he not warned first? where is the proof?!!! (Thank you for reading, this is the first post ive really ever done...and please while i love the game itself...i play it alot!! i dont think the GM'S are doing thier jobs and they are most deffinately abusing the power they are given) 2009-06-20 02:32:22 0