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6 Doom games 79 Doom Somewhat aged, but still good. But hey! The sourcecode IS available. Plus there are several games based on it around, like LxDoom or DosDoom (yes, runs on Linux) 1998-11-11 14:11:18 0
12 XJig games 98 XJig I used 1024x768 image cut to approx. 500 tiles. Wow! It lasted 2 days to solve it. With big screen, high resolution and 16bpp display this game is perfect. 1998-11-11 13:34:49 0
14 Battalion games 53 Battalion Next to Quake2/Quake, this is a great little game to play... Runs well on un-accel. hardware, and it's fun to play. Use the vapor cloud guy and toast those tanks! have fun... jason 1998-11-10 21:45:56 0
18 XEvil games 90 XEvil This game is boring and has terrible graphics. 1998-11-12 01:34:47 0
19 Rocks 'n' Diamonds games 117 Rocks 'n' Diamonds 1998-11-12 00:27:41 0
20 Angband games 37 Angband Entertaining for a while, but pretty boring after you get to level 35 or so. Not much to do besides collect more and more artificts and kill monsters that are pretty much the same as the monsters you were killing at level 30, only with more HP... 1998-11-12 15:42:33 0
25 XKobo games 66 XKobo This game is dementedly addictive. It also doesn't make you restart at the beginning every time - it restarts you at the level you were at when you died, meaning you can spend days on the same level. The graphics are really cute and shiny, and the movement very smooth. You may have to fix your xmodmap so that you can use the keypad (yes! at last a use for the numeric keypad!) 1998-11-11 03:24:49 0
35 Abuse games 2 Abuse This is a beautiful game with wonderful graphics and sound. I just wish I enjoyed side-scrollers... 1998-11-02 12:53:47 0
37 Freeciv games 99 Freeciv Now that FreeCiv has AI players I can play it by myself. There will soon be a GTK+ interface too. Nice. 1998-11-11 13:26:16 0
38 Gravity Wars games 100 Gravity Wars 1998-11-11 13:04:00 0