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spout kuni / rohan www www Original (Windows) version 1.3 abstract caveflier/shooter “Spout" is a small, abstract shooting game from Japanese developer kuni. It plays somewhat like Finnish cavefliers, except you have to erode your surroundings with your ship’s exhuast. It’s great fun :-) Your goal is to fly upwards as long as you possibly can, without crashing or your time running out.<br> This is a Unix port; the game was originally written for Windows. action free img on on off off off off 2004-07-16 2 2004-07-16 06:00:35 10273 www SDL >= 1.2.6 2004-09-25 03:00:13 off
Greedy monopoly Paulo Laureano www www Greedy homepage 0.5 Greedy is a 21th century monopoly game “Greedy” is a “Monopoly type of game based on 21th century economics”, featuring “several service companies”, “tax evasion opportunities” and several other modifications to the 19th century based economics model we all know and love from the previous board game incarnations. If you like “Monopoly type of games ” you will love “Greedy”. The rules and game dynamics are similar and while it is very easy to play you will find it tricky to master. Fun for 1 to 6 players, with or without computer opponents. board free img off on off off on off 2005-01-16 6457 2005-01-16 23:30:36 -1 www Any x86-based Linux distribution with GTK+ 2.0 (or higher), Glibc-2.3 (or higher) and CUPS (Common UNIX Printing System). This includes Red Hat Enterprise 3, SuSE Linux 8.1 (and higher), etc. 0000-00-00 00:00:00 off
ZSnake Matthias Meusburger www www ZSnake's english homepage www ZSnake's french homepage 1.2 ZSnake is a free Snake-based game with 20 levels. ZSnake is a free Snake-based game. In case you've never played a snake game, here's what it deals with : You're a snake that can't stop running. You have to eat apples (which makes you bigger) without eating a wall or yourself. ZSnake is composed of 20 levels (+2 hidden). Eating "mystery apples" can help you (more points, more apples, more lives...) or disturb you (the snake moves faster, keys are switched...) ZSnake provides multilingual support (currently English, French, German and Italian). ZSnake is under the GNU/GPL License. It is available as a Java Applet and as a Java Application. arcade free img on on off off off off 2003-10-01 2 2003-10-01 15:42:37 -1 www www ZSnake's german homepage 0000-00-00 00:00:00 on
Zoid's Quest g_8pit ProjectZ www 0.0.1 Help Zoid in this run-and-jump platform game Zoid's Quest is a platform game in the style of old console games such as Super Mario World and Sonic the Hedgehog. You must help Zoid on his Quest by guiding him through many worlds containg tricks, traps and monsters. On the way Zoid can collect special magic runes which enhance his abilities and help defend against the many deadly foes. action free img on on off off off off 2004-10-26 6457 2004-11-13 01:27:51 -1 www SDL 1.2.4 SDL_image SDL_mixer SDL_gfx libxml2 0000-00-00 00:00:00 on
Zlog Arthur Huillet www www About Zlog (on the project's website) www Storyline of Zlog 0.3.4 Zlog is a 2d platform game, more or less like Supertux Zlog is a 2D platform game. Basically, you jump on platforms and kill ennemies, like in many other games out there. The concept itself is not very original - that's why Zlog is aimed at providing a unique gameplay. It is for the moment pretty much like SuperMario (or Supertux), since the weapon subsystem is not yet implemented. It should heavily rely on the plot - what most platform games lack. arcade unknown img on on on off off off 2005-04-28 4 2005-04-28 13:24:57 11095 www The Allegro game programming library is required in its version 4.1.18. The configure script will autodetect it and grab it for you if necessary. 0000-00-00 00:00:00 off
Zloe Milos Glisic The Lagged Network www 0.5 A 2-player networked arcade-style shooting game. ZLOE is a fun, arcade-style shooting game which puts two networked players head-to-head in a shooting deathmatch set in a graphically rich 2D battleground. <p> It also features a computer player, so it can be played offline as well. <p> Should compile and work on any Unix flavour with a recent X11 distribution. No extra libraries are required. arcade free img on on off off on on 2000-04-30 bobz 2000-05-03 00:31:17 3495 2000-05-24 15:47:23 off
Zinc Henok Bekele, Mike Colley, Ben Jemmett, Sam Jervis The Zinc Team www 1.04 An interactive fiction interpreter with map and cooperative multiplayer mode. Zinc is the Z-machine Including Network Capabilities. <p> Zinc allows you to play text adventure games (also known as interactive fiction) either on your own, or cooperatively over a network. It comes with interpreters for two of the most popular interactive fiction file formats -- Z-machine games, and TADS games. <p> A common problem when playing adventure games is drawing a map of the game world. Seasoned players will be glad to hear that Zinc has a powerful map facility to make this process as painless as possible. <p> Zinc's networking capabilities are possibly unique. They enable several players to work together to try to solve a game. text adv free img on on off off on on 2003-04-10 2 2003-04-13 22:46:09 -1 www Java 1.4 2004-11-11 12:28:19 off
ZiNc ZN1/System 11 emulator Drunken Muppets www 1.1 Emulator of the Sony ZN-1/ ZN-2 and Namco System 11 arcade machines ZiNc is an emulator for Sony ZN-1 and ZN-2 and Namco System 11 arcade hardware. These systems are all based around the familiar PlayStation game console with varying degrees of modifications. It replaces the old Impact and S11emu emulators, which are now obsolete and no longer supported. emulator unknown img off on off on off off 2002-05-26 nilfilter 2002-05-27 04:18:27 -1 www 2002-07-26 03:41:10 on
ZeroPointII www www 1.0 beta Scrolling space shooter Zero Point II: the next installment in the scrolling shooter series 'Zero Point'! ZPII features the same retro game themes and fast action style of play, while improving on the first zero point in every way. Arm and lead a full wing of advanced craft across infinite space in an epic battle for unlimited energy! 16 ships, 32 weapons, 10 mission types and 99+ levels of randomly generated fun! Download now! action free img off on on on off off 2004-08-23 2 2004-08-25 08:58:55 -1 www 0000-00-00 00:00:00 off
ZengaiaSpace Martin Spüler www www ZengaiaSpace Game Manual 0.2.1b A multiplayer online space game Zengaia Space is a multiplayer game, which can be played over a central internet server. In the game you have to build ships, settle new planets, build new shipyards, fight your enemy and conquer new planets and solar systems. strategy free img on on off off on on 2004-10-14 6457 2004-11-23 06:27:57 -1 Java 1.4 2006-02-24 04:14:09 off