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Blob Wars : Blob and Conquer Parallel Realities www 1.11 Somewhat violent 3D action game <p>Mission and Objective based 3D Action game. This is episode 2 of the Blob Wars saga.</p> <p>With the apparent defeat of Galdov and the reclaiming of the Fire, Time, Space and Reality Crystals the Blobs' battle was only just beginning. Bob had rescued many Blobs and fought many battles, but now he had an ever bigger task ahead of him. The Blobs' homeworld is still littered with the alien forces and Bob once again makes it his task to lead the counter attack. But even without Galdov the aliens are still extremely well organised...</p> <p><a href=""><img src="/images/thumbs/werewolf_games.png" alt="Available in Fedora" align="left" height="80" width="120" border="0"></a></p> action free img on on off on off off 2006-03-31 4 2006-04-02 07:34:37 25386 · SDL · SDL Image · SDL Mixer · SDL TTF * · ZLib · OpenGL · Freetype 2009-12-29 07:45:50 on
Vavoom J&#257;nis Legzdi&#326;š www 1.33 Vavoom is a source port based on sources of Doom, Heretic, Hexen and Quake. <p>About:<br> Vavoom is a source port based on sources of Doom, Heretic, Hexen and a little bit from Quake. Supported platforms are DOS, Windows and Linux.</p> <p>Requirements:<br> To play Vavoom you need main wad file from one of the following games:</p> <ul> <li>Doom shareware <li>Doom registered <li>Ultimate Doom <li>Doom II: Hell on Earth <li>Doom II: TNT Evolution <li>Doom II: The Plutonia experiment <li>Heretic shareware <li>Heretic registered <li>Hexen <li>Strife </ul> <p>If you have multiple IWADs, you can use command line params -doom, -doom2, -heretic, -hexen or -strife.</p> <p>Differences from original game:</p> <ul> <li>Polygonal engine with colored lighting, with software mode, OpenGL and Direct3D support, and any resolutions up to 1600x1200 <li>Translucency. Some things are translucent, also spectres' partial invisibility is replaced with 10% translucency, so they are really hard to see now <li>Complete support for freelook (look up & down) in all games <li>A powerful language to describe game logic, Vavoom C - now you can forget about DeHackEd and DDF! <li>100% client/server architecture with in-game joining <li>Quake-style console, with key bindings <li>Ability to play AudioCD tracks <li>Indirect support for DeHackEd - utility to generate Vavoom progs out of DEH files <li>Crosshair <li>Jumping <li>Slopes <li>3D floors <li>And many other cool things... </ul> action free img on on on on on on 2002-03-04 bobz 2002-03-12 07:21:07 4 www zlib<br> libpng<br> Allegro or SDL<br> Optional: OpenAL 2011-08-28 13:01:50 on
ines Marat Fayzullin www 2.3 A binary-only Nintendo emulator A Nintendo emulator for Linux. (note! if you are having problems with the program, read the web page and the faq linked off the page. It does not work out of the box for quite a few distributions.) Unfortunatly, the source code is not avalible for this program, so it is not yet the most elegant solution. emulator free off on off off off off 1999-07-07 bobz 1999-07-07 19:36:09 1679 www zlib<br> 2001-01-07 16:52:39 on
YS Flight Realism Soji Yamakawa, ed.: Galen Thurber YSFlightsimHQ YS Flight Realism pack A mod for YS Flight Linux that increases basic realism for flight models and sounds. simulation free off on on on on on 2008-08-14 11160 www Your 3D working in linux :) on
Be The Wumpus www 0.05 Be The Wumpus is a game with no graphics, with no text, only audio. <p>Be The Wumpus is a game with no graphics, with no text, only audio. You are a wumpus, a blind, cave dwelling creature who subsists on meals of unlucky cave wanderers. Back in the 70's, you may have been among those brave souls who hunted the wumpus. But the wumpus, driven nearly to extinction, is now a protected species. But, do not fear, there is still much fun to be had involving both hunting, and wumpusses. Now you can be the wumpus, and hunt the wumpus hunters! <p>This game is licensed under the good old GPL v. 2.0, except for the audio files, which are licensed under the Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 license. (see sounds/Attribution.txt). action free img on on off off off off 2008-08-10 4 2008-08-10 21:12:29 4 www You'll need the gnome libraries and header files, also the libvorbisfile and the portaudio libraries 2009-08-11 09:40:05 on
w3Chess sirtobi www www Screenshots www Demo 0.8.4 Web and Mail based chess <p>w3Chess is for people with less time. You can make your chess move with your web browser and it is send to you and the other player via mail. <p> It's not like a "real" match, but you can do a move whenever you have the time. At home, not at work, at school.... <p> The secondary goal is KISS... Keep it stupid simple! board free img on on on off on on 2003-08-15 2 2003-08-20 08:12:39 5749 www www Running Servers You'll need some kind of web-browser and email reader.<br> At least w3m and pine is quite good, or use your mobile phone... <br> On server side, you don't need any special programs or stupid and often expansive services like php or any kind of sql server. 2006-07-26 05:19:03 off
Anisotropic JJFFE www 0.9 Modified clone for JJFFE Anisotropic is a new modified version for the JJFFE 2.8 Anisotropic fixes lots of bugs and adds lots of new features to FFE if you have loved JJFFE 2.8 then you should realy try this game! simulation free img on off off off off off 2004-10-03 6457 2004-11-12 07:33:55 -1 you'll need shareware FFE for the date files: and if you dont know what it is then check out JJFFE 0000-00-00 00:00:00 on
twinTRIS Dalox (Dalleau Frederic) www 0.99 A multiplayer, portable, french tetris clone twinTRIS has been released to start learning the Xlib programming. It is a multiplayer game, using the same mode as <a href="/show?xblast">X-blast</a> (multipe windows on multiple displays but only one main process). It has been succesfully tested under <B>both</b> Solaris and Linux.<BR> It works under any resolution and screen depth. Here is a list of all supported features of twintris : <BR> - up to height players <BR> - theme support <BR> - Highscore <BR> - Victory counter <BR> - Spy Mode <BR> - Team Mode <BR> - Resizeable Game Area<BR> - Contre la montre <I>Of course more to come...</i><BR> Twintris is year 3000 compliant (Homepage in French) arcade free Please Mail me a smiley...:) img on on off on on on 1999-07-27 bobz 1999-07-27 09:16:37 -1 www You'll need libXpm to compile, but I think you have it. Don't need to be root. 2001-06-03 18:08:15 off
FS-UAE Frode Solheim www 1.2.1 A multi-platform Amiga emulator <p>FS-UAE is an Amiga emulator for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X based on UAE/WinUAE, with a focus on emulating games. <p>Features include emulation of Amiga 500, 1200, 4000, CD32 and CDTV, perfectly smooth scrolling on 50Hz displays, support for floppy images in ADF and IPF formats, CD-ROM images in ISO or BIN/CUE format, mounting folders on your computer as Amiga hard drives, support for Picasso 96 drivers for high-color and high-resolution Workbench displays, and more… <p>A unique feature is support for cross-platform online play. You can now play Amiga games against (or with) friends over the Internet. <p>The emulator uses the latest Amiga emulation code from the WinUAE project and requires a moderately fast computer with accelerated graphics (OpenGL) to work. A game pad or joystick is recommended, but not required (FS-UAE can emulate a joystick using the cursor keys and right ctrl/alt keys). <p>FS-UAE is fully controllable with a gamepad, with an on-screen GUI, which means that you can easily swap floppies and load save states with your gamepad. In addition to being great on your personal computer, FS-UAE is also well suited to be started from an emulator frontend running on a HTPC. emulator free img on on off on on on 2012-02-11 4 2012-02-13 12:36:44 34145 www You will want Kickstart ROMs for the Amigas you want to emulate (though the built-in kickstart from AROS works with many games). 2012-05-14 15:49:00 on
ghtsclient Piotr Esden-Tempski www 0.2 Holsham Traders online trading game GTK+ based client ghtsclient is the GTK-based client application for Holsham Traders, a realtime multiplayer trading game. In the game, you are a merchant on a distant planet trying to make as much money as possible by buying and selling goods. mia free on on off off on on 2000-02-02 bobz 2000-02-02 19:10:11 3124 www You will need the htsserver from 2001-04-13 19:06:48 off