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ZSnake Matthias Meusburger www www ZSnake's english homepage www ZSnake's french homepage 1.2 ZSnake is a free Snake-based game with 20 levels. ZSnake is a free Snake-based game. In case you've never played a snake game, here's what it deals with : You're a snake that can't stop running. You have to eat apples (which makes you bigger) without eating a wall or yourself. ZSnake is composed of 20 levels (+2 hidden). Eating "mystery apples" can help you (more points, more apples, more lives...) or disturb you (the snake moves faster, keys are switched...) ZSnake provides multilingual support (currently English, French, German and Italian). ZSnake is under the GNU/GPL License. It is available as a Java Applet and as a Java Application. arcade free img on on off off off off 2003-10-01 2 2003-10-01 15:42:37 -1 www www ZSnake's german homepage 0000-00-00 00:00:00 on
Tunnel Fighter Wouter Wijngaards www 0.4 Zoom down the tunnel and shoot things. The game is about zooming down a tunnel and shooting things. Avoiding getting hit. Getting a highscore. gloating over your highscore. Having fun. <p> This game was created with the <a href="/show?crystal%20space">Crystal Space</a> engine. action free img on on on on off off 2000-04-02 bobz 2000-04-03 00:05:10 2 Crystal Space version 0.93 (CVS) 2002-03-21 05:57:51 on
Phorus Patrick McCarthy www 0.1.11a Zone 66 clone. This is a Zone 66 clone written from the ground up, supporting SVGA, transparency/additive effects, flexible datafiles, etc. It is currently unfinished, and the author would appreciate any comments/help. <p> For those that don't know, Zone 66 was a pretty cool topview fly-around-and-blow-stuff-up-while-avoiding-the-enemy game for DOS from a few years back. arcade free img on on on off off off 1998-12-05 bobz 1998-12-05 22:01:25 297 www 2001-08-18 00:19:27 on
Zlog Arthur Huillet www www About Zlog (on the project's website) www Storyline of Zlog 0.3.4 Zlog is a 2d platform game, more or less like Supertux Zlog is a 2D platform game. Basically, you jump on platforms and kill ennemies, like in many other games out there. The concept itself is not very original - that's why Zlog is aimed at providing a unique gameplay. It is for the moment pretty much like SuperMario (or Supertux), since the weapon subsystem is not yet implemented. It should heavily rely on the plot - what most platform games lack. arcade unknown img on on on off off off 2005-04-28 4 2005-04-28 13:24:57 11095 www The Allegro game programming library is required in its version 4.1.18. The configure script will autodetect it and grab it for you if necessary. 0000-00-00 00:00:00 off
Orbz Justin Mette 21-6 Productions Inc. www www Demo download mirror www Orbz discussion forum 2.1 Zero-in, power-up, and take your best shot! Orbz is an action/arcade game set in Mario-like 3D environments. The object of the game is to shoot your orb at targets located throughout 14 distinct courses in a race to score the most points. Game play contains both intense action and also strategy in planning the best scoring shots. Power-ups, like the "Money Shot" and "Curse of the Goober", are also available to either give you a scoring advantage or to slow down your opponents. action commercial $19.95 img off off off on on on 2003-04-23 3 2003-04-25 04:52:20 7883 www www Download the 2.1 update <ul> <li>Pentium 400, 128 MB RAM <li>NVIDIA TNT2-class or better 3D Graphics Accelerator (DRI-based cards unsupported) <li>Sound card <li>Kernel 2.4 or newer <li>glibc 2.2 or newer <li>XFree86 4.0 or newer with hardware accelerated OpenGL drivers. </ul> 2003-09-10 12:49:29 on
Zelda: Mystery of Solarus DX Zelda Solarus Zelda Solarus www 1.0 Demo Zelda Solarus is RPG in a world of Zelda <p>Zelda Solarus is in fact a logical continuation of "A Link to the Past" on Super Nintendo. The gameplay is a mix of RPG, action/adventure, dungeon exploration, puzzle solving. rpg free img on on off off off off 2009-12-22 4 2010-01-01 11:04:21 35093 www 0000-00-00 00:00:00 on
zblast Russell Marks www 1.3 zblast is an arcade space shooter zblast is a simple, but fairly manic shoot-em-up game. The graphics are wireframe 3d, reminiscent of games for the commodore or sinclair spectrum. arcade free img on on on off off off 2003-08-29 21 2003-08-29 08:49:46 21 www <UL> <LI><A HREF="">svgalib</A> (only required for console play, included is an X version) </UL> 0000-00-00 00:00:00 on
Zaz Remigiusz Dybka Phuzzbox Media www www A video from one of the harder levels. 1.0.0 Zaz ain't Z*** - Beacuse hackers too need to play with balls <p>Zaz is an arcade action puzzle game where the objective is to get rid of all incoming balls by rearranging their order. Currently it includes 23 different levels. A 3D accelerator is needed for decent gameplay. arcade free img on on off on off off 2009-08-21 4 2009-08-22 09:16:09 34825 www OpenGL, SDL, SDL_image, ftgl, vorbis, theora 2010-09-04 12:27:23 on
z81 Russell Marks www 2.1 z81 is a Sinclair ZX81 (aka TS1000) and ZX80 emulator. <p>z81/xz81 are ZX81 (TS1000) and ZX80 emulators for svgalib and X. They load/save Xtender-format .p files, and support the ZX81's pseudo-hi-res mode, overscanned modes, the ZX Printer, and both VSYNC-based and AY-3-891x-based sound. A few ZX81-related utils (including a tape reader and a programme to save the ROM from a ZX81) and Public Domain games are included. mia free img on on off off off off 2007-09-05 4 2007-09-05 22:35:12 7279 www The ZX80/ZX81 ROMs. 0000-00-00 00:00:00 on
YS Flight Realism Soji Yamakawa, ed.: Galen Thurber YSFlightsimHQ YS Flight Realism pack A mod for YS Flight Linux that increases basic realism for flight models and sounds. simulation free off on on on on on 2008-08-14 11160 www Your 3D working in linux :) on