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ZSnake Matthias Meusburger www www ZSnake's english homepage www ZSnake's french homepage 1.2 ZSnake is a free Snake-based game with 20 levels. ZSnake is a free Snake-based game. In case you've never played a snake game, here's what it deals with : You're a snake that can't stop running. You have to eat apples (which makes you bigger) without eating a wall or yourself. ZSnake is composed of 20 levels (+2 hidden). Eating "mystery apples" can help you (more points, more apples, more lives...) or disturb you (the snake moves faster, keys are switched...) ZSnake provides multilingual support (currently English, French, German and Italian). ZSnake is under the GNU/GPL License. It is available as a Java Applet and as a Java Application. arcade free img on on off off off off 2003-10-01 2 2003-10-01 15:42:37 -1 www www ZSnake's german homepage 0000-00-00 00:00:00 on
JNKPlat 2010 Jayenkai www www Screenshot www Box Shot Release 3 Action oriented Puzzle Platformer <p>JNKPlat is a grid-based puzzle game, wrapped up inside a fast paced platform game. Run around the levels and head to the exit as fast as you can, to try to score a time-bonus, or take your time and try to grab all the spheres. Which will score better? Only one way to find out! <p>There's over 100 levels included in the game, and probably many more to come. action free img off off off on off off 2010-05-06 4 2011-11-08 13:56:23 35456 www www Youtube Video 0000-00-00 00:00:00 on
YIFF Sound System WolfPack Entertainment WolfPack Entertainment www www YIFF Configuration and Running HOWTO www Ylib Programming Tutorial 2.14.2 Sound server and system providing multi client and transparent network access <p> Ultimate sound system for games and applications, providing multi client and transparent network access to the sound device. </p><p> Client IO library is fully documented for easy learning and programming (see web page for programming info). </p><p> YIFF is a stable and completed sound server, the first of its kind and proven reliable for over two years. </p><p> If you want sound and music for your game, then this is the software to get! </p> code free on on on on on on 1999-11-09 bobz 1999-11-09 20:38:25 -1 www www Ylib API Manual Linux OSS or ALSA sound drivers. 2001-05-04 09:15:55 on
Linley's Dungeon Crawl Crawl DevTeam www www Debian Package Information www Freshmeat Project Details 4.0.0 beta 26 A free, portable roguelike game in the spirit of Moria, Hack, and Rogue. Linley's Dungeon Crawl is a free and portable roguelike molded in the tradition of the early greats of the genre: Rogue, Hack, and Moria. The player guides a single character deep into a subterranean complex to retrieve the Orb of Zot, fending off many horrible and hideous creatures along the way. Once retrieved, the player must return both character and Orb safely to the surface world. Easier said than done, but fun all the same. rpg free img on on on off off off 2002-09-03 3 2002-09-04 16:38:26 -1 www Yahoo! Groups - Crawl Developer Forum ncurses 2002-09-06 09:06:11 off
Rain Hazewood Team www www Forums Project Page 0.1.0 Realism based first person shooter with single and multiplayer modes <p>'Rain' is fast-paced FPS with a strong emphasis on free and fluid movement. <p>In singleplayer mode, the player takes over the role of the young woman Rain and follows her through her life. The story is divided into several missions and animated cutscenes. <p>The game also features an extensive multiplayer mode, firstly allowing players to accomplish singleplayer missions with the help of others and secondly to compete against other players in numerous team-based modes. <p>Being developed on the *awesome* XreaL engine, 'Rain' has an excellent base to built upon. action free img on on off on on on 2011-05-06 4 2011-05-07 11:15:19 36147 www www XreaL Decent graphics card. Intel stuff will not work 0000-00-00 00:00:00 on
Xpenguins Robin Hogan www www XPenguins i386 RPM www XPenguins Themes RPM 2.2 Cute penguins walking along the tops of your windows! XPenguins animates a friendly family of penguins in your root window. They drop in from the top of the screen, walk along the tops of your windows, up the side of your windows, levitate, skateboard, and do other similarly exciting things. XPenguins is now themeable so if you're bored of penguins, try something else. The themes that come with this package are "Penguins", "Classic Penguins" and "Turtles", but more are available from the XPenguins homepage, or you can design your own! toy free img on on off off off off 2000-05-03 bobz 2000-05-03 01:06:41 2 www www XPenguins GNOME applet RPM 2002-05-30 02:26:48 off
Xonotic Team Xonotic Team Xonotic www www Xonotic 0.5 release blog post www Screenshots 0.5 Xonotic is a free (GPL), fast-paced first-person shooter that is cross platform. <p>Xonotic is a free (GPL), fast-paced first-person shooter that works on Windows, OS X and Linux. The project is geared towards providing addictive arena shooter gameplay which is all spawned and driven by the community itself. Xonotic is a direct successor of the Nexuiz project with years of development between them, and it aims to become the best possible open-source FPS (first-person-shooter) of its kind. <p>The game is based off the Darkplaces game engine which is originally a quake modification, though it is now far more advanced over the course of many years of development. Because of the features of this engine, Xonotic has incredibly good graphics for an opensource game and is on par with most commercial games from 2006-2007. The gameplay is of course slightly inspired by several other games, but it is essentially a unique mixture of mostly original and different ideas which really makes the game stand out. It could be considered most similar to Unreal Tournament and Quake at its heart, especially regarding teamplay and game mechanics. action free img on on off on on on 2011-08-05 4 2011-08-05 18:09:51 4 www www Xonotic 0.5 release forum post 2011-09-11 17:16:23 on
Micropolis Will Wright, Don Hopkins www www Source Code www Python Core City Simulation Game GPL release of SimCity(TM) <p>Micropolis is a city simulation game which means you plan where you want certain aspects of the city established and then watch as the city develops according to your plans.</p> <p>"Micropolis" is the name of the current GPL open source code version of OLPC SimCity. That was the original working title of Will Wright's city simulation game. Since Micropolis is licensed under the GPL, anyone can do anything they want with it that conforms with the GPL, except they can't call it "SimCity" (and a few other limitations to protect EA's trademarks).</p> simulation free img on on off off off off 2008-01-20 4 2008-01-31 10:03:34 6059 www www XO laptop Micropolis page 0000-00-00 00:00:00 off
Worldforge::Cyphesis Al Riddoch www www Fedora 14 rpm www WorldForge Sear Client 0.5.26 MMORPG server for the WorldForge project with embedded AI. <p>Cyphesis is a fantasy MMORPG server, and NPC engine for servers, using AI/A-Life techniques which doesn't have a predefined story. It is the Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Life server/client used by the WorldForge project.</p> rpg free img on on on off on on 2000-04-30 bobz 2000-05-03 00:28:09 3493 www www WorldForge Ember Client <ul> <li>WorldForge::Atlas-C++</li> <li>WorldForge::skstream</li> <li>WorldForge::wfmath</li> <li>WorldForge::Mercator</li> <li>WorldForge::varconf</li> <li>PostgreSQL</li> <li>Python</li> <li>readline</li> <li>HOWL or Avahi</li> <li>GCrypt</li> </ul> 2011-03-03 20:24:15 off
Cute Knight Deluxe Hanako Games Hanako Games www www Cute Knight Deluxe Linux/Mac page on Hanako Games Direct purchase link for the Cute Knight Deluxe/Linux 1.1 An orphan girl seeks her destiny in this raising sim/RPG <p>Work odd jobs, explore the mysterious dungeon beneath town, or turn bandit and rob the kingdom's treasury as you seek your destiny in this raising sim/RPG. Randomly generated dungeons and events and over fifty possible endings in this nonlinear game add a great deal of replayability. simulation commercial 9.95 img off on off off off off 2010-01-22 4 2010-01-25 17:59:40 34614 www www Windows version of Cute Knight Deluxe 0000-00-00 00:00:00 on