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2 2 1998-11-09 14:59:36 This site is still very much under construction, so expect some rawness and features that aren't implemented yet. Most notably, you can't do complex searches, but that should remedied soon. You can use Quick Search in the meantime. <p> You can sent comments, criticisms, suggestions or whatever to me at <a href=""></a>. I'd love to hear what you think of the new Linux Game Tome. <p> And don't forget to add your favorite games to the database! Welcome to the new Linux Game Tome! default
3 2 1998-11-10 11:10:09 I've gotten some emails suggesting that I change the Game Tome so that people can add their own favorite games to the database. <p> Guess what? <b>You've been able to do that all along!</b> Just hit the <a href=>Add a New Game</a> link at the top of the page and you're off! Yes, Virginia, you can add games yourself. default
4 2 1998-11-11 11:49:10 The <em>Rating</em> field for each game here is actually the average of all ratings that that particular game has received. Since this system is young, most games have only been rated once so far, so the rating really just reflects one person's opinion. If you've played a game in the Tome, take a moment to submit a rating for it, and you'll help the Linux Game Tome become more accurate. <p> How does one rate a game, you ask? Just hit the <em>Write a review for this game</em> link at the bottom of a game's page. Don't worry, you don't have to actually write anything unless you want to. <br> About the Game Tome ratings default
5 2 1998-11-13 14:09:32 <a href="">Slashdot</a> has an interesting article about the <a href="">Linux Game Development Project</a>. <p> If you're interested in game development for Linux, <a href="">check it out</a>. Linux Game Development Announcement default
6 2 1998-11-16 00:03:26 I spent this whole afternoon grinning from ear to ear as I played one after another of my favorite coin-op arcade games from the 1980's: Pacman, Donkey Kong, Dig Dug, Qbert. I hadn't seen most of these games since I last played them in my early teens. I was still able to use the Pac-Man patterns I memorized, and Qbert was still as attractive but difficult for me as ever. <p> <a href="/show?xmame"><b>Xmame</b></a> is the glorious emulator that made today's experience possible. I've been hearing about Xmame for some time now, but until today I hadn't tried it. I sure am glad I did. Xmame, though still in development, supports hundreds of classic arcade games right now. And the coolest part is that you're not getting somebody's interpretation of a classic game, but the <em>real thing</em>, because Xmame uses ROM dumps of the actual games. <p> Xmame is the greatest thing ever. For now, anyway. XMame default
7 2 1998-11-19 14:26:05 <a href="">Marcus Herbert</a> wrote in to let us know that Frontier Developments, a UK Games company is running a survey to decide if they should port their recent game V2000 to Linux and some other platforms. If you feel you would buy this game were it available for Linux, you can send an email stating that fact to <a href=""></a>. The original USENET announcement is available at dejanews <a href="">here</a>. UK Game company considers porting to Linux default
8 2 1998-11-25 23:42:48 We're now running a <a href="/show?bzflag">Bzflag</a> server at in the hopes that more people will discover this potentially awesome game. The server will be up 24/7 for the foreseeable future. I'll be open to suggestions for game options, and if there's interest, I could put up a CTF server too. <p> Now that I've gotten you all excited, the bad news is that you need hardware accelerated OpenGL to play with reasonable framerate. <p><b>Update:</b><a href="">Vladimir Ivaschenko</a> tells me I'm wrong to say that hardware acceleration is mandatory for bzflag. With the lowest detail settings, he gets reasonable framerates on his K6-233. Now you have no excuse not to play. Go get it! New Bzflag Server! default
9 2 1998-11-26 00:31:42 I just saw in <a href="">Jonathan Clark's .plan update</a> that the <a href="">Golgotha Forever</a> project is looking for a new host. Apparently the site is leaving <a href=""></a> as soon as tonight. Until a permanent host is found, watch <a href="">The Graveyard</a> for updates. Golgotha project needs a new host default
10 2 1998-12-01 03:06:26 I made some changes to the rating system that will hopefully make the game ratings here more informative. <ul> <li>The summaries you see when browsing or searching the Game Tome now have a little number in parentheses after the rating. This is the number of times the game has been rated, so you can see how much weight the Average Rating really has. <li>When you browse the Game Tome <a href="/list?sort=avg_rating">by Rating</a>, the list is now sorted first by Average Rating, and then by the number of ratings. This way, a game that 15 people give 5 stars to gets a higher ranking than one that only 1 person has given 5 stars to. This kind of sorting will become even more useful when I add complex searching to the Tome Real Soon Now... <li>Finally, there's no longer a rating field on the submission form when you're adding a new game to the Tome. It never had any business there in the first place. Submitter ratings for existing games have been moved to the Comments section. </ul> Rating system changes default
11 225 1998-12-01 01:32:07 <em>Category:</em> card<br> <em>Avg. Rating:</em> <img src="" alt="*"><img src="" alt="*"><img src="" alt="*"><img src="" alt="*"><p> Nice solitaire card game with 14 solitaire variations.<p> This version implements support for user written plug-ins, provides an option to automatically shade legal moves and adds additional cardsets for low and high screen resolutions. PySol 2.00 updated